The Layover Life’s ultimate tips for avoiding jetlag

The Layover Life’s ultimate tips for avoiding jetlag

Few people are as familiar with the pains of jetlag more than a flight attendant. In fact, jetlag is pretty much a constant when 60% of your life is spent in transit – especially for those who are regulars of long-haul journeys.


We caught up with one of our favorite flight attendants and amazing blogger/Instagrammer Jessica Parr of The Layover Life (@thelayoverlife) to get her tips on avoiding jetlag, using sleeping pills, staying healthy while flying, and what’s up next on her 48-hour adventures around the world.

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Aria: As a busy flight attendant, are you pretty much always jet lagged?

Jessica Parr: Yes. The answer to that question will always be yes haha! But there are ways I manage it.


Aria: What have you learned to do to combat that?

JP: I find that the best rule is to try and immediately get on to the time zone you are travelling to. So if you have an overnight flight headed east, then always try to sleep on the flight because you’ll wake up in your destination in the morning. I realise that’s easier said than done for most, but a few tips would be:

  • don’t drink alcohol on board
  • always drink lots of water
  • eat fresh foods (usually means bringing your own food on – I always bring an avocado with me and sometimes sushi)
  • use your inflight Aria Kit!! Haha I couldn’t resist, but in all seriousness the kit is FABULOUS and filled with lots of natural skin care treats with zero chemicals, which I am all about.


Aria: Are there any foods, drinks, supplements or items that you use to get rest when you need it?

JP: I will never take medication to get me to sleep. I am constantly jetlagged, so if I started down this path, it would only lead to relying heavily upon it too often. I prefer natural remedies instead. I love This Works sleep easy products – I’ll rub their lavender essential oil on my wrists and temples and spray their sleep easy pillow spray, too. I drink a lot of water, and before bed I’ll always have a chamomile tea.

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Aria: How does jet lag affect your health?

JP: I think if you’re severely jet lagged constantly then yes it would have a big effect on your health. I find I’m quite lucky and day to day if I follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and sleep when I really have to then my body is rested and I don’t suffer from fatigue.


Aria: What's coming up on The Layover Life blog that we should look forward to?

JP: I’ve recently come back from a media trip in New York. I’ll be posting my 48 hour guide soon, as well as some fabulous brunch spots :) There will be a vlog too – my first ever :D

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