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Aria Mini Kit

Aria Mini Kit

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Running low on the Goods from your Aria kit? Restock with all of the items you use most.

The Refill Kit includes(all inside a reusable folding canvas bag):

  • handmade lip balm
  • handmade moisturizer
  • handmade all-natural deodorant
  • handmade all-natural solid perfume
  • little care package in a satin pouch:
    • 2 Emergen-Cs
    • coiled hair ties
    • earplugs
    • 2 individually wrapped q-tips
  • two disposable protective face masks

product volumes

handmade moisturizer > 1 oz.

handmade solid perfume > 0.5 oz.

all-natural deodorant > 1 oz.

handmade lip balm > 0.15 oz.

care instructions

Traveling isn’t always glamorous and it gets dirty. Here's how to care for your Aria kit and the Goods inside.

Canvas folding case: Wash by hand in cold water. Avoid scrubbing on printed areas. Lay flat to dry.