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The Experience

Adventure awaits. Except when you’re on an airplane.

It starts with the dry, recycled air. Then the crying baby 3 rows back. The light pouring in from your neighbor’s window when you’re trying to sleep, 4 hours into the trip. The hot. The cold.

The 14 hours you’ve spent without a shower or a toothbrush. You start to look, smell and feel like The Dude.

When you land, a world of glorious, swirling sights, sounds and cultures await you. If only you were in a state to enjoy what our globe has to offer.

That’s why we made Aria. Air travel shouldn’t suck. You should sleep. Be comfortable. Be relaxed. Be ready for the adventure.

Aria is made by travelers like you, so you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

 Erin Reynel with her Aria kit in Nha Trang, Vietnam


Aria was born at 35,000 FEET, somewhere above Bangor.

I was leaving a 10 day stay in the rolling Tuscan hills outside of Siena. I left Florence’s god-forsaken airport and transferred in Frankfurt for the 7-hour flight back to Vancouver. SQUEEZED between a Russian lady who had to pee every 8 minutes and a sleeping giant of sorts, I could get no rest nor comfort.

For years, I had packed a little KIT for situations like these. Flimsy eye mask to block out the light, and neon pink ear plugs to mute the noises, plus my trusty neck pillow for avoiding the neck bob.

I FORGOT it this time. I was miserable.

Still, this trip didn’t even come close to the 38 HOURS of non-stop flights and layovers I did while flying home after living in Vienna for 6 months. That trip, I slept (with 12 others) on top of my suitcase in the freezing cold lobby of Vienna’s international airport for 3 hours waiting for the check-in counter to open, after an hour-long train ride from downtown, followed by 3 layovers in Sweden, Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare.

I LOVE TRAVEL more than anything, but I never loved airplanes until I had my own kit. Now, I sleep like a baby on planes, almost instantly. And I feel amazing when I land.

I want travelers to love the whole EXPERIENCE, start to finish. That’s why I made Aria (Italian for air) with the best stuff I could find, to keep you comfy, fresh and totally excited to explore your next destination. I hope you adore it as much as I do.

Travel often, friends.


Erin Reynel

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Hand-curated by travelers, for travelers

We searched the world to find you the best Goods for your Aria kit.

Many came right here from home.

From our handmade moisturizer and lip balm from La Conner, Washington, to probably the best toothpaste on earth, made in Nelson, BC and damn good deodorant created near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we’re proud to fill your kit with Goods that are made by amazing people we know on a first-name basis.



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