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The Goods

Everything you could ever need on the plane.

Plus a few things you didn’t know you needed.

Curated by hand, with years of travel experience, by travel addicts like you.
The Goods in our airplane travel kit combat dry air, long periods without showers, sinks and sleep, crying babies and we made sure you always have a pen for filling out customs forms, even when you’ve forgotten yours.

handmade face-body moisturizer

Made in beautiful La Conner, Washington, by hand, in small batches. Our moisturizer is light, yet hydrating, and smells completely heavenly thanks to natural, botanical ingredients.

handmade all-natural lip balm

Fresh grapefruit flavor, our lip balm is made in small batches and is truly one of the best things we’ve ever put on our lips! Combats dry, recycled air with hydrating, natural ingredients.

handmade natural toothpaste

This toothpaste will change the way you brush forever. Colloidal silver, baking soda and a hint of sea salt eliminate bacteria naturally and leave teeth feeling clean for countless hours.

natural deodorant that works

It’s hard to find a deodorant that lives up to its promises. We found you the solution: deodorant made by hand, with care, that truly cancels odors. The fresh citrus scent is light, yet energizing.

alcohol-free moist towelettes

Perfect when you haven’t seen a shower in ages, our wet wipes are made for deodorizing all the parts that need it. Alcohol-free, gentle on eyes, and remove makeup easily. All in a resealable packet.

silk sleeping eye mask

100% mulberry-fed silk from China, inside and out. Yes, silk stuffed with silk. The ultimate sleeping eye mask to cushion eyes, block out light and help you rest. Softer than a mountain of kittens.

metallic gummi ear buds

Ultra high sound quality ear buds with gummi accessories to fit every ear’s unique shape and size. Our ear buds cancel noise, fit with any type of smartphone, and come with an airplane jack for watching movies.

biodegradable toothbrush

Made of bamboo with charcoal-and-nylon bristles, our custom biodegradable travel-size toothbrush is gentle on this earth we travel. Naturally antibacterial and whitens teeth without chemicals.

soundproof invisible ear plugs

For flights when music won’t do and silence is a must. Industrial-grade noise-cancelling foam that’s perfectly soft for comfort, and colored black so they’re more discreet. Packed in a tiny case to help you stay organized.

fluffy microfibre socks

Any air traveler’s best friend: fluffy socks. Ours are warm, cozy and squishy-soft to ward off cold drafts, all while staying breathable. Perfect for curling up in your seat or stretching out in the aisles, sans shoes.

never-forget-it metallic pen

Always stuck asking for a pen in foreign languages? Finally, a pen you’ll never have to move, and won’t get lost. Luxe-looking metallic gold color and quality construction for filling customs and immigration forms while in transit.

the super-organized aria case

The ultimate travel case, with a dedicated spot for each of The Goods, so you’ll never lose a thing, and can stay organized, no matter how hectic your travels are. This is truly the kit you’ve always needed in the air.