Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

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We all love traveling, but we’d be hard-pressed to find someone who truly enjoys packing and unpacking. And one of the most tedious things to do when you’re getting ready for dinner after a long flight is to have to untangle the necklace you want to wear from a giant, gold-and-silver ball. But a chic accessory case will keep all of your gems securely organized and stored in your luggage.

Jewelry cases are similar to cosmetic pouches except they often feature separate bars for rings and earrings. It is lined with fabric like suede or velour, which saves the accessories from scratches and keeps them clean and shiny.

The hard shell offers serious protection. Made with durable faux leather, this sturdy box protects jewelry from damage while still fitting comfortably into a handbag. The sleek carrier includes a row of ring rolls, a small mirror, a pouch, two stud earring holders, and two closable compartments. Best of all you can pick from three different colors to match your vacation vibes.

Dimensions: 15x10cm


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